Real Heroes

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We often hear the term hero used to describe characters on TV. But what is a real hero?

The stranger who runs into a burning building to find the missing child curled up in their bedroom corner trying to hide from the flames.

The parent who ignores their own fears, so their child will learn to not fear.

The Fireman who hands over his protective clothing to someone trapped under the burning vehicle, and then stays to support them while ignoring his own burning pain.

The father who stands between the armed burglar, and his terrified family.

The driver who stops to render life-saving assistance to a crash victim.

The deceased person who’s donated organs will save your loved-ones life.

The policeman who rushes to protect someone being attacked.

The single parent who works 18 hours a day so their child can take a packed lunch to school and have a home to come back to and a warm bed to sleep in at night.

Heroes are ordinary people who take extra-ordinary steps to help those in need or to just make a difference.

There’s a hero in all of us waiting to be called upon.

Are you going to make a difference today?