Expensive Skate Repair Made Cheap With Lateral Thinking

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Having finally found out my old pair of RollerBlades to start skating and playing some roller hockey at home again, I discovered after 5 minutes of skating that the wheels were warn out, some to the point of physically having their outer cover broken in two and falling off. This presented a major problem for me because inline skates are really hard to find around here, and even harder to get parts for; I also know that decent wheels can cost nearly as much as a new pair of skates.

Fortunately though some online searching last night found a local department store which sells kids inline skates for $40. My MacGyver brain kicked into action. “I wonder if they have the same wheel size as my skates?” I thought to myself. So today I headed over to check the wheel size and although they seemed slightly smaller, I concluded that the slightly smaller wheels wouldn’t make any real difference for skating around taking shots at a hockey net in my driveway, so I decided to take the $40 dollar risk and buy the skates. Once I got home and opened the pack though I found that the wheels are, in fact, the same size and fit perfectly, so I have a full set of brand new ABEC rated wheels on both skates for $40, that works out at $5 per wheel – pretty good value really.



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